Dormer Attic Conversions


Dormer Attics

The get more head height in your attic space you can opt for a dormer style attic conversion. This is essentially a box shape that is extended out of the roof slope to make the attic space larger.

In order to get a dormer attic extension you must first apply for planning permission from your local county council. 

This is needed as when you are changing the structure of your roof you need planning permisson.

The first step is to commission an architect to do up drawings. Sit down with your architect and discuss how you want your attic layout to look. The architect will then do drawings to your specifications.

The drawings are then submitted to your local county council to go through the planning process.

Once the planning permission is approved you can send us the drawings and we will be able give an accurate quote based on the drawings submitted.

If the quote is reasonable and within budget the next step is to arrange a site survey with our project manager.


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