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Our mission is to help you make the most of your attic. We are a Dublin based company serving the whole of Whitehall and surrounding counties. The video shows some of the ideas we have for converting an attic. You have many options.

If you would like a chat about your options, call on 01 525 5297. We would be more than happy to guide you through your options and pass along any advice.

Getting the Attic for your Whitehall Home Converted

Many Whitehall homeowners have benefitted from an attic conversion. This allows them to live in more space and will make their home worth much more. Look at our portfolio to see our work and you will understand why Whitehall and its surrounding areas recommend our services.

Our teams are made up of the most talented carpentry, fitting and construction specialists. We will provide you with the highest quality workmanship. The best attic is available at a very affordable price. We deliver on time and on budget. We have gained a strong reputation throughout the entire Whitehall area, thanks to word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals from a number of homeowners in Whitehall who have been delighted with their new attics.

Our goal is always to provide Whitehall homeowners excellent service and top quality workmanship. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality attic conversions that are affordable and professional. The added benefit of converting your attic to a home is that you won’t have to eat into the surrounding space, such as your driveway or garden.

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Cost Price Of An Attic Conversion

The cost of a standard 3 bed semi attic conversions starts at €17000. The work is completed in 10 working days. We have converted lofts throughout Dublin, Whitehall, Meath, Wicklow, and WestMeath. If you have questions about your roof or house configuration, don’t hesitate to call us. Our experts are able to provide solutions for customers who have not had them before. Call 01 5255297.

Our goal is to always offer Whitehall homeowners first-class services. That includes quality workmanship and professionalism as well as affordable attic remodeling. Another benefit is that when you convert your attic you will not be eating into any of the space surrounding the property, such as your garden or driveway.

This is the most common option for attic conversions. However, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for just a few painted walls with a desk. Luxurious homes offices can help you get motivated to work by having large windows and the right colors.

Get the Most From Your Loft Space

Your loft space should be utilized to get the full use of the whole area of your home. Our company provides the services to convert your attic so that the entire family can use it.

Our workmanship is high quality. From the steel beam installation (RSJ), to roof insulation, Velux windows installation, and plumbing for the water tank, radiator, and wiring of a smoke alarm. We follow and adhere to all building regulation standards. You will love your new loft renovation. Standard installation includes 2 large Velux windows to the rear of the home. These large quality windows can be added to your attics roof to allow for lots of light to enter the loft space.

By getting an attic conversion, a number of Whitehall homeowners have benefitted from extra living space, an alternative to moving house which saves a huge amount of money, and if they ever do want to move house in future then their existing home will be worth a lot more due to the extra living space of the converted attic. You’ll be impressed by our work in our portfolio of attic converts.

As loft conversions specialists, we give our customers total confidence that they can welcome us into their property and treat it like our own. We also provide exceptional services.

For all homes in Ireland that require a loft renovation of any quality, contact us immediately.

Consider us for any loft upgrade projects. We can quickly visit your attic and conduct an on-site survey. We will only be 5-10 minutes on your property. We will then provide you with a detailed estimate the same day.

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3 bed semi detached

Whitehall 3 Bed Semi Attic Conversion

We most commonly convert attics for 3 bed semi-detached homes. This is the most sought-after house type in Whitehall. These type of loft conversions are our bread and butter. They are our specialty.

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Dormer Roof Attic Conversion Whitehall

A dormer window is built into an attic roof to increase space. A dormer window is a great way to improve the lighting in a room. Dormer windows increase a room’s lighting, height, and ventilation.

A dormer is used to increase headroom during attic conversions. It is simple and straightforward.

They are great for properties with limited roof space. They provide extra space for many uses, such as extra bedrooms, offices, TV rooms, or playrooms. The dormer designs can be very attractive when seen from outside.

A dormer is designed to increase the property’s value and allow occupants to add living space.

All cases involving roof dormers will require permission from the local council. Approval will be granted to the Architects Drawing. Once we have received permission to plan, we can provide an accurate estimate based on your drawings.

Bungalow Attic Conversion Whitehall

A major home improvement task is to convert your bungalow attic. Bunaglows come as many shapes and sizes. Without architect drawings, it is difficult to quote for Bunaglows.

Talk to an architect about what you would like from your attic space. Then, they will create drawings that are tailored to your budget and needs.

Once you have the drawing, we can give you a precise quote based upon the drawings.

We can then organize a site survey to talk about your attic projects.

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Timber Framed House Attic Conversions

The attic conversion is possible for most timber-framed houses. It is important that the roof be examined by a qualified structural engineer. He will then specify the support structure and issue the certificate of compliance. This will not only save you money but also prevent your house from being destroyed.

We have successfully converted numerous timber-framed attics.

Hip to Gable Attic Conversion Whitehall

Hipped roof are fairly common in certain Whitehall areas. A hipped roof can be used to extend your attic. It is important to note that you will need planning permission to alter your roof’s structure. Look around to see if there are any attic conversions in the vicinity. You should only do this if the council has granted permission.

hipped roof extension
attic office

Timber Framed House Attic Conversions

The attic conversion is possible for most timber-framed houses. It is important that the roof be examined by a qualified structural engineer. He will then specify the support structure and issue the certificate of compliance. This will not only save you money but also prevent your house from being destroyed.

Areas We Cover in Whitehall

  • Glencorp
  • Glendun
  • Collins Ave
  • Iveagh
  • Tourmakeady
  • Glenshesk
  • Thatch
  • Ellenfield
  • Shanard
  • Crestfield
  • Glentow
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Many families are attached to their house and truly enjoy their neighborhood. You might feel the same way but wish you had more space. An attic conversion could give you an additional bedroom, storage space, and possibly even a bathroom/ensuite.

You have seen our workmanship. A quick perusal our portfolio of attic conversions will reveal exactly why we are the number one Attic conversion company providing the very best loft and attic renovations to the homeowners of [AREA] and the surrounding areas.

Pricing is always upfront and transparent – there are no surprises or modifications – the price quoted will always be what it costs.