Attic Conversion Cost


How Much Does An Attic Conversion Cost?

The number one question people have when enquiring about getting an attic conversion is “How much does getting an attic conversion cost, roughly?”

The price of an attic conversion hugely depends on the size of the attic space being renovated. The bigger the attic space the more materials needed to finish the job.

Below is a detailed list of some of the material and taskes that goes into completing an attic conversion:

  • Reinforced Steel Joists (RSJ)
  • Floor joist 7”X2” timber fully suspended off steel beams
  • 2 x Velux Windows 66/118
  • Fully floored with OSB flooring boards
  • Storage fully floored with two access doors
  • Water tank moved in storage with access doors
  • Stud walls 4”x 2” fully suspended from steel (RSJ)
  • Staircase fitted 30” wide to meet the regulation with handrail
  • Stud wall at top of stairs with fire door
  • Fully insulated – 150mm Rockwool Insulation
  • 900ml double radiator
  • Electrics – 4 double sockets, 5 led spot lights, 2 way switching
  • Smoke head, all wired directly back to fuse board on its own circuit
  • Ceiling area cross battened and collar ties fitted
  • 1/2″ plaster board fitted on ceiling and walls
  • Skim coat finish on all walls and ceiling
  • All rubbish removed from site
  • Final clean up upon completion of work

Ensuite in Attic

Obviously if you want an ensuite in your attic this will add to the cost

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