Attic Conversion Ensuite


Getting an Ensuite in your Converted Attic

Many of our customers request if they can get an ensuite in their attic conversion. This will depend on a few factors.

               Do you have enough space in your attic to include an ensuite

               Is your water pressure sufficient enough

               The head height available in your attic space

Typically in a 3 bed semi detached house the best place to put your attic ensuite is the dead space where the stairs to attic conversion goes. This way it doesn’t take up too much of the attic area. If you don’t have the head height a shower won’t fit. So a toilet and sink will be the best option. If behind the attic stairs doesn’t suit the alternative option is to put it at the other end of the attic space which will take up more floor space within the attic.

In order to use a shower in your attic you will need sufficient head height. We can’t install a shower if your can’t stand up under a showerhead.

If you have the head height for a shower then the functionality of the shower will greatly depend on your water pressure. Having good water pressure is essential as without it the shower and taps will not work properly. To solve this problem we can install a negative head pump to pump water from the hot press tank to the attic shower/sink. This will add to the cost of the ensuite install and plumbing.

Another consideration is to have the attic toilet waste pipe close to your existing pipe.

Take all the above into account when deciding if you want an ensuite for your attic.


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