3 Bed Semi Attic Conversion

"We had a hipped roof and needed some more space in our house. Modern Attics performed a gable end build up and we're delighted with our new converted attic ."

3 Bed Semi Attic Conversions

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3 bed semi are by far the most popular attic conversions we complete in Dublin and surrounding counties. If you should have a roof shaped like this if means you will have limited head height when you land into the attic space. If so you may need a dormer extension. See below for the type of hipped roofs around Dublin, Kildare, Wicklow and Meath.

3 Bed Semi Examples

kildare attic
stairs to attic
rathgar attic

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Sandyford Dormer
hipped roof extension

Some Attic Conversion Pictures From Inside The 3 Bed Semi Converted Attic

attic extension hip
attic stairs in a dormer
converted hipped roof attic
dormer attic stairs
hipped attic roof extension
stairs in dormer attic

Attic Ensuite Pictures

ensuite in dormer
ensuite in attic

3 Bed Semi Attic Conversion

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