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Our goal is help you get the best out of your attic. We are a Dublin-based company that serves the entire of Greenhills as well as surrounding counties. The video shows some of the ideas we have for converting an attic. There are many options available, whether you want to add a bedroom, playroom, home gym, movie room, relaxing space, modern bathroom, study space, office space, or walk-in closet.

Call 01 525 5297 to talk about your options. We are happy to help you with your questions and offer any advice.

Getting the Attic for your Greenhills Home Converted

Many Greenhills homeowners have benefitted from an attic conversion. This allows them to live in more space and will make their home worth much more. Check out our portfolio of completed attic conversions to see the reasons why Greenhills residents recommend our services.

Our teams comprise the best construction, carpentry and fitting specialists to give you the highest level of workmanship. The best attic is available at a very affordable price. We deliver on time and on budget. Due to word-of mouth recommendations and referrals from many Greenhills homeowners, we have a strong reputation.

Our aim is to always provide Greenhills homeowners with the very best service and high quality workmanship. We offer the highest quality attic conversions, as well as professionalism. Another benefit is that your attic will be converted without affecting any other space in the area, such your garden or driveway.

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Cost Price Of An Attic Conversion

A standard 3 bedroom semi-attic conversion costs €17000. It takes 10 working days to complete the work. We have done loft conversions all over Dublin and Greenhills, Meath, Wicklow. Contact us if there are any questions about your roof and house. Our experts are able to provide solutions for customers who have not had them before. Call 01 5255297.

It is our goal to always provide Greenhills homeowners the best service. This includes high-quality workmanship, professionalism, and attic conversions that are affordable. Another benefit is that when you convert your attic you will not be eating into any of the space surrounding the property, such as your garden or driveway.

This is the most common option for attic conversions. However, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for just a few painted walls with a desk. Luxurious home offices can boost your productivity by providing large windows, specific colors and comfortable furniture.

Get the Most From Your Loft Space

Loft space should be used to make the most out of your entire home. Our company provides the services to convert your attic so that the entire family can use it.

Our workmanship is of the highest quality. From the steel beam installation (RSJ), to roof insulation, Velux windows installation, and plumbing for the water tank, radiator, and wiring of a smoke alarm. We adhere to all building regulations. You will be pleased with your new loft renovation. Two large Velux windows are installed at the rear. These 2 large quality windows added to your attics roof allow a huge amount of light into the loft space.

A number of Greenhills homeowners have realized the benefits of an attic conversion. They can save a lot of money and their current home will be more valuable due to the additional living space. Our portfolio of attic conversions will show you why Greenhills homeowners recommend us.

As loft conversions specialists, we give our customers total confidence that they can welcome us into their property and treat it like our own. We also provide exceptional services.

For all homes in Ireland that require a loft renovation of any quality, contact us immediately.

We are available for loft remodeling projects. It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete an attic survey. It will take only 5-10 minutes to visit your property. Then we will provide a detailed quote the same day and be on hand for any questions you need answered.

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3 bed semi detached

Greenhills 3 Bed Semi Attic Conversion

A semi-detached house with 3 bedrooms is the most popular type of attic conversion that we do. This is the most sought-after house type in Greenhills. These loft conversions have been our bread and butter. You could say they’re our specialty.
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Dormer Roof Attic Conversion Greenhills

To increase space, a dormer windows is installed into an attic roofing. Dormer windows are a great way of increasing the light in a space. Dormer windows improve a rooms lighting, the height of a room, and it’s ventilation.

The main purpose for adding a dormer is to increase the headroom in an attic conversion. It’s simple.

They are great for properties with limited roof space. They provide extra space for many uses, such as extra bedrooms, offices, TV rooms, or playrooms. They can look great from the outside, depending on their dormer design.

A dormer is designed to increase the property’s value and allow occupants to add living space.

In all cases the construction of roof dormer will require planning permission from your local county council. For approval, an architect’s drawing must be submitted. Once you have received planning permission we can then give an accurate quote based on the drawings that have been approved.

Bungalow Attic Conversion Greenhills

A major home improvement task is to convert your bungalow attic. Bunaglows comes in all shapes and sizes. It is therefore difficult to quote them without architect drawings.

First, we recommend that you meet with an architect to discuss what you desire from your attic space. They will then do up drawings based on your needs and budget.

Once you have the drawing in place send them on and we will be able to give you an accurate quote based of the drawings.

We will arrange a site inspection so we can discuss your attic.

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Timber Framed House Attic Conversions

The attic conversion is possible for most timber-framed houses. It is vital that the roof is inspected by a certified structural engineer. This will determine the type of support structure required and will issue a certificate of compliance. Although it may increase the cost of your roof inspection, it could save you from ruining your home, endless heartache, and years of legal trouble.

We have successfully remodeled many timber-framed lofts and will continue to do so with qualified structural engineers to ensure that you get the safest job possible.

Hip to Gable Attic Conversion Greenhills

These hipped roofing are very common in Greenhills. Here is and example of what kind of attic extension you can get with a hipped roof. If you are planning to alter the structure of your roof, you will need to obtain permission from your local council. Look around to see if there are any attic conversions in the vicinity. You can convert if they have permission from the council.

hipped roof extension
attic office

Timber Framed House Attic Conversions

It is possible to convert most houses with timber frames into an attic. A qualified structural engineer must inspect the roof before he can specify the support structure. The certificate of compliance will be issued after the inspection. It adds a little to the cost, but it can save you from destroying your house, endless heartache and years of legal problems.

Many timber-framed attics have been successfully converted by us. We will continue to use qualified structural engineers to make sure you get the best job possible.

Areas We Cover in Greenhills

  • Limekiln
  • St James’s
  • St Malachys
  • St Anthonys
  • St Josephs
  • Fernhill
  • St Patricks
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Many families feel attached to their home and love living in the community. Perhaps you feel like this, but would you rather have more space? An attic conversion can be the solution. You could get an extra bedroom, additional storage space and even a bathroom/ensuite.

Have you seen our work? We are Greenhills number one Attic Conversion company. Our portfolio of loft conversions will show you why.

Pricing is always upfront and clear – no hidden surprises or changes – the price you are quoted will always be the price you pay.