Fire Detection & Alarms Systems


Fire Detection And Alarm Systems

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems for Attic Conversions in Dublin
All new dwelling houses must be provided with fire detection and alarm systems. When the roof space of an existing dwelling-house is converted to create an additional storey, a fire detection and alarm system must be provided in accordance with the requirements for a new dwelling house.

Where a loft / attic space has been converted, interconnected mains operated self-contained fire alarm units (preferably with battery back-up power supplies) must be provided within the stairs enclosure at ALL storey levels. It should be noted that smoke alarms powered only by batteries are not sufficient.

It is very important that all electrical work is carried out by a qualified Electrician, as improperly designed / installed fittings and inadequate wiring can constitute a serious fire hazard. Particular care is required with the design and installation of recessed lighting systems.

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